3 Amazing Tips For A Champion Man to Stay Fit

The North Face athlete gives us some details about his preparation a few weeks after the event. Suggestions about the nutritional value plan in the face of the competition, the training charge levels of recent days to think about the race and the warnings related to psychological preparation, the sharp edges are old replenishment of champions of $ 160,000 .

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It’s an authoritative vote to talk about this competition. Three years ago, his name was awarded to the best 100-mile runner of the endurance challenge. Today, a few days after his favorite match, Enzo Ferrari, takes a break from his busy schedule and his evaluation, which are for him the keys to get out of the endurance challenge.


“In the last two weeks, I recommend a good protein intake.This is essential.It feeds the body well.It is crucial to build a strong foundation on the race.However, over the last three days body weight loss with carbohydrates, so pay attention to the energy of fast absorption “.

A good breakfast, lunch during training, lunch, “snack” for the second training, dinner and depending on the time of day, another meal is part of the good food ”

“I would recommend taking more than half a liter of water for each hour of training”

“Always eat what was loaded during the training, otherwise it is better not to consume it.You can not run out of fruit juices and sports drinks.The salt tablets that WHO brings in sodium, in potassium and magnesium are crucial to fight against possible dehydration ”


“Reducing the intensity of the training for two weeks of competition is a minimum requirement to meet, the penultimate week is ideal to stand out from the gap in their discipline.In my case, I run 80k, 5,000 meters, we spread out in the week, I keep the pace, but do not tire me ”

“One thing I always see is that the shorter the duration of the event, the more cyclists start adding kilometers.” This is not the case, do not put more miles on the load, think about the remaining days. rest, to stay perfect for the competition “

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