5 Tips For A Correct Recovery – Shocking Facts!

As important as training is a correct recovery from stress. We offer some tips to rest and feed you optimally.

After an effort, it is necessary that the rider has a recovery period. We can talk about easy recovery after training, competition or recovery after a specific training period.

Recovery is the process by which our body seeks its ideal balance after a workload. The ideal recovery is achieved through rest, feeding, supplementation, physical and psychological help …

You may want to consider some general guidelines, but you should know that at the food level, for example, the sprinter is not the same as a road runner.

To begin with, we must specify that the recovery phase begins at the end of the exercise, where several points are distinguished:

The rest:

it is the best recuperator, necessary and indispensable for each athlete and their performances. Faced with a training load, the body needs this subsequent recovery to achieve these physiological adjustments before moving on to the next training load, which will lead to an improvement in physical condition.

Loads of training can not exceed your body’s ability to recover, otherwise we would go through uncontrolled training, nothing useful.


It is intended to facilitate recovery, reducing the time needed to restore performance. The guidelines have two different moments; Immediately after activity and within 24 to 48 hours.

We must take into account the famous metabolic window, named after the period after training, in which our body is receptive to the assimilation of nutrients (increased absorption during the first 2 hours).

At the end of the training / competition, it will be necessary to replace the water, muscle and hepatic glycogen stores that were lost during exercise. Supplementation can be performed with a hydration program by drinking water or natural juices, taking into account the loss of body weight during the test.

Likewise, it is necessary to recharge glycogen, protein and mineral deposits for muscle reconstruction, stop muscle destruction, repair damage and form new fibers.

Foods like rice, cereals, fruit, bread, cows or soy milk, cheese, turkey, ham, yogurt or eggs are a good choice.

Here also appear recovery shakes, also called “recovery”, presented with a wide range of flavors and compositions, marketed in powder and then mixed with water or milk. They are easy and quick to assimilate and digest comfortably. The composition is a blend of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals for muscle recovery.

Active Recovery:

Returns to the activation of muscles that train with little intensity and little time. In general, they are called training / regenerative exits, do not exceed 1 hour 30 and never exceed 65% of our maximum capacity. These active outputs are made with a high cadence. (90-100).

In this active recovery, we can use practice more and more when a pitch is made after a step that gradually decreases the intensity, this action helps to restore the muscular system. On the other hand, there are times that require a total rest needed.

Contrast baths are also ideal for recovery. The hot and cold bath accelerates recovery and improves blood circulation.


Depending on the load, at least once a week or every fortnight, it is helpful to have a good confidence specialist. This section is worth mentioning the performance of stretching, not only for recovery, but also as a method of injury prevention.

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