Saturn Planet- Most Interesting and SHOCKING Facts about Saturn Planet

Saturn – There are eight planets and everyone knows that Saturn is the sixth planet of this universe. This planet is famous because of its ring system and in fact, the largest ring is even visible with the telescope. Many people are curious to know about this amazing planet and people want to know some interesting facts about is ring system there as well. Today we will explore some interesting facts about Saturn planet.

Is Saturn the only planet having rings?

Some people know Saturn because of its being system but you will be amazed to know that this is not the only planet containing rings around it but there are some more planets that have rings. Other planets include Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. However, the Rings around those planets are very small in size and those and not even visible through telescope. When it comes to Saturn planet, its rings are the largest rings as compared to those of other planets. Saturn has three rings around it. The gap between its outer ring and middle ring is known as Neckle Division and it is really difficult to observe it using a telescope from the Earth. The gap between middle ring and inner ring is known as Cassini Division and it can be seen through telescope from the Earth. Scientists also made some research using Voyager spacecraft and they came to know that not only these three are the Rings around Saturn but those are 4 more rings that are so transparent that this cannot be observed.

The rings of this planet seem so huge but you will be amazed to know that there isn’t much mass or weight in these rings.

Saturn’s density is extremely small:

The density of this planet is the least in entire solar system. Because of this reason, Saturn could even float in a pool of water. Amazed to know it! It is such a huge planet but still it could be able to float in a pool of water because it has very small density. This planet actually contains 1/4th part of Hilum and 3/4th part of hydrogen. Besides that, contains some amount of methane, ammonia and water. The most part of this planet contains gas and that makes it so light that it could even float on the water. When we compare the density of earth or mercury with Saturn, we come to know that there is a big difference. Earth and mercury are very happy as compared to this sixth planet. If Earth and mercury would be placed on the surface of water, they would think instantly but comparatively, Saturn would keep on floating on water surface. Don’t you think it’s interesting!

Who visited Saturn first?

Science and Technology has become so advanced that Saturn has been visited by spacecraft’s of this earth. The first spacecraft to visit this planet was named as Pioneer 11 and this spacecraft was prepared in 1973. It was sent to Saturn for the first time in 1979 and it captured first ever shot of that planet. Through that shot, it was found that there are interesting and beautiful rings around Saturn planet. After Pioneer 11 had visited this planet, the next were Voyager 1 and 2 that were sent to this planet in 1980. You will be literally surprised to know that these spacecraft’s are still in use and have been revolving around Earth at billions of miles away.

Rotation speed of Saturn:

You have already come to know that Saturn is the lightest Planet of the solar system and that’s why it revolves on its orbit at very high speed. The flattest Planet of the solar system is Saturn and that’s why he does not bear any hurdle during its rotation. It keeps on repeating without any pause. The only planet that is even faster than sateen is Jupiter but the rest of the planets are slower as compared to Saturn in terms of its rotation. Research and studies have proven that rotation speed of Saturn is 6200 miles per hour. Don’t you think that is so fast to move on its orbit around sun!

Saturn is the windiest planning:

Another interesting finding about Saturn is that it is the windiest Planet of the solar system. It is really surprising to know that event can reach up to 1100 mph on this planet. When you compare it with that of earth, you see the big difference. Even if we have a look at the strongest tornadoes on this earth, we find it can hardly reach to 300 mph. There is definitely a great difference between 300 mph and 1100 mph. It has also been found that wind on this planet is fastest than that on Jupiter.

Saturn releases its on heat:

You will always have heard that all the planets get heat from sun but you will be amazed to know that Saturn is the planet that releases its on heat and in fact, the amount of its heat is 2 times more as compared to the heat that it receives from Sun. Some research has been made about the reason of its heat production and it has been found that it may happen because helium present on this planet starts sinking when liquid hydrogen penetrates deeply in Saturn planet. It means that Saturn is one of the hottest planets of this solar system.


There are 53 satellites that are revolving around this planet and only some of these satellites can be seen through telescope from Earth. As Saturn does not Twinkle like a star so it can be seen with the naked eye through telescope? I am sure that you will have learnt some interesting facts about Saturn that you have never come to know before.

This universe is not doubt so huge that many things are still out of the knowledge of scientists. Still, they are busy in exploring this universe and solar system so as to know more and more about how does nature work.


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